What people are saying about Center of the Elemental Spirit

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“ Educational and friendly. Tons of support offered if needed, which is wonderful. ”

“ A strong circle and where the friends you meet are open minded and kind. ”

“ Wonderful, warm, welcoming, and friendly group. Very open to sharing. Knowledgeable. ”

“ Love it. Love everything about it. ^_^ It makes me haaaappy. The people are wonderful, the events are wonderful, and the way I feel during and after rituals is a wonderful feeling. I’m so glad to have this group! ”

 “ A wonderful group! Thank you so much to everyone! You guys made me feel like I was home. ”
“ Wow! I love the innovative and spiritual focused approach of this group! Great for solitaries as it is totally nonhierarchical and everyone gets to share their wisdom equally if they so wish. Everyone is made to feel welcome and included! ”
“ I think it’s a great idea. I think it truly is the future of Wicca. It’s the right way to go. ”
“ This is such a wonderful group. The meet-ups are always very relaxed, interesting, fun and silly, and I always leave feeling that I gained something, and very content. ”
“ Some of the most welcoming people I have met. ”
“ The best. All groups should be like this. ”
“ This group is amazing. I have learned so much in my time with them, and I am sure I will learn more each time. The rituals are simple and fun. They work hard to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable. The best part, in my opinion, is that this group truly belongs to us. It is not Marty’s group, or Laura’s group, or even my group. The Center of the Elemental Spirit belongs to all the members of the group, which is incredible. Blessed Be! ”
“ Marty, Laura, and everyone else were wonderful. Very friendly and welcoming. Can’t wait to hangout again:] ”
“ The people I met were warm and welcoming. I look forward to being with them again. ”
“ This group gives folks a safe and comfortable chance to learn more about congregational Wicca in history and practice, and to participate in real rituals and understand Wicca’s real-life applications right away. It’s a great opportunity for new and experienced pagans alike! ”
“ Wonderful…. ”
“ Wonderful group and wonderful teachings, would like to join the group whenever I can ”
“ Friendly and accepting group of Wiccans. ”
“ ….Solace,understanding,learning,accepting…… a step further in contentment(all of you @ tonight’s meeting know what I’m talking about). 

“ The group has a great deal of knowledge and experience regarding pagan practices as well as broader issues of spirituality. The members are open minded and the discussion topics always make for lively discussion. ”

 “ After my first meeting I felt welcomed, supported and inspired! This is a very positive, open and affirming group and I look forward to many more wonderful events. Thank you! ”

“ Great energy and welcoming spirit. ”
“ Great nurturing group of souls here. ”
“ Inclusive, balanced and CASUAL. It doesn’t have the stuffy, exclusivity feel to it but a welcoming, intuned feeling. I was very pleased and will definitely be back. 
These quotes and more are taken directly from http://www.meetup.com/ElementalSpirit.

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