Full and New Moon Gatherings

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When you arrive we spend the first few minutes “catching up” and socializing. This helps to create a warm, friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Once everyone has arrived, we conduct a short meditation based on the elements. This helps to ground all who are present and prepare us for the spiritual part of the evening.

Each moon has a pre-set topic and we use that topic as the foundation of a “co-created sermon”. We are a group of equals, all here to share. There is no leader and no expert. Instead we share ideas with one another, ask questions of each other and build the life lesson we will take with us.

After co-creating a sermon together we take a short break as we set up the ritual space.

During the ritual, we go step by step and explain exactly what is happening. The ritual is framed on a skeletal structure and members are always welcome to add to is. With each step explained, even someone who is just starting to explore Wicca will feel comfortable with all that is happening. 

After ritual we enjoy more company and fellowship with one another.

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