CHICAGO WITCHES ENJOY A NIGHT AT THE MOVIES Center of the Elemental Spirit to attend the Peace on Earth Film Festival Chicago, IL – March 1, 2013 – For 4 years now the Peace on Earth Film Festival has had a night with Witches, Pagans and Wiccans. “The event, showcasing films about Peace, Non-violence, Social […]

Spend some time outdoors with other Wiccans

He If you were with us last year at the South Side Pagan Picnic you know what a riot it turned in to. It poored buckets of rain. Luckily for us history doesn’t have to repeat itself. This Sunday the weather so far looks like 90 and sunny. So, make plans to get out to […]

Wicca on the radio, who would have thought?

It was really strange. I got a call last week from an old friend who is now one of the hosts of World Wiccan Pagan Radio. Who knew there was such a thing. I remember years ago being suprised to learn there was a site like Witchvox. To say we have come out of the closet is […]


My partner Dan had eye surgery this week to correct a cataract. He had his left eye done 2 years ago and this time it was for his right eye. Now Dan is only 38 years old. When we told people that he had to have cataract surgery everyone had the same response. “But he’s […]

Magical Tools and Choosing a Patron God and Goddess

The following is an response I wrote for questions about which tools to use and how to select a patron God and Goddess. The question was initially posted on I hope you enjoy. Well, the wonderful thing about Wicca and Paganism is that there are as many ways to practice our religion as there are […]

The History of the Elements

The Elements turn 2600. As we head deeper in to the dark (and cold) half of the year, it seems each day I am feeling more my age. But even feeling on the older side myself, it can boggle the mind how old the stuff we are made of (or were thought to be made […]