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Welcome to Center of the Elemental Spirit – A Congregational Wiccan Community. We are a community of Wicca Practitioners and those who follow Earth Based Religions. We gather near the New and Full Moons to learn and celebrate together. Ours is a growing and changing religion and Center of the Elemental Spirit came about to fulfill its growing needs.

Our Full and New Moon celebrations and rituals follow a simple format:

  1. •We gather and spend some time socializing and catching up
  2. •We have a short grounding meditation
  3. •We participate in a “co-created sermon” where everyone contributes their ideas to the evening’s topic
  4. •We share a ritual based on the topic
  5. •We enjoy community and fellowship afterwords

There was a time when those who where involved in Wicca had two choices, find a coven or practice alone as a solitary Wiccan. As more information is available to our community, more people are choosing to shy away from the coven structure and practice Wicca as a solitary. We strive to create a welcoming home for those on a solitary path to gather and worship as a community.

Weather you have been practicing Wicca for years or trying it out for the first time, the ritual is designed for eveyone. It is very basic in structure and every step of the process is explained. All are welcome to add their own elements and share with others the practice and meaning behind them.

We welcome you and hope you enjoy our online community. More importantly, we look forward to seeing you at one of our celebrations.

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