Welcome to Center of the Elemental Spirit – A Congregational Wiccan Community. We are a group of Wiccan practitioners, mostly solitary who gather twice a month and worship as a community. The term “Congregational Wicca” may need some defining. So, here is the short explanation. To understand us more fully we invite you to explore the website and join us at a gathering or two. We are: A community. We build friendships, bonds and love for one another through our work together Inclusive. Though geared toward Wicca, we welcome all paths who are respectful of ours. Weather a practicer of another earth based religion, someone who is seeking their path or even a member of another religion all together you are welcome to join is and learn. Consistant. We meet on the Sunday on or after the New and Full moons so you always have a home to come to. Effective. After rituals our members have received jobs, extra income, healing of illnesses, expedited healing after trauma and the list goes on. Note: we cannot legally say that our rituals had anything to do with any of this. It may have all been one big coincidence. (Thank you Federal Trade Commission) Just as importantly, we are not A coven. Though rituals are facilitated by those who have experience in doing them, there is never a single High Priest or High Priestess or a hierarchy. We are all children of the Gods and Goddesses. Rigid. Though we do have structure we do not expect every movement to be in sync and every word to be perfect. The rituals we do come from the heart. We are here to worship together and grow from being part of one another’s lives. A church. There is no Pastor (or High Priest and Priestess hierarchy as was said before). Any “sermon” is co-created by the group based on a topic. We are a gathering of like minds, not sheep to be corralled. There is no leader, no followers and no hierarchy. We have a small group of dedicated individuals who work together to ensure everything flows, but all of equal. So, what do we believe? We believe in living a life of Wicca. Wicca is magic Wicca is to care for the earth Wicca is worship of the God(s) and Goddess(es) and / or the Element hierarchy nature in all Her glorious forms Wicca is seeing the Spirit and Beauty of everything Wicca is a way of life. Welcome and Blessings.

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